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26-28 Nov 2014 | Patras, GREEC, Venue: Astir Hotel

The FRAOULABEST® (www.FraoulaBest), one of the most sustainable approaches on Strawberry crop, designed and tested the last 10 years by the IRTC (Int’l Research & Training Centre of Sustainability – ) and introduced in the international market by the DKG Consulting agronomists, will be presented during the IRLA CONFERENCE next week.

The 1st International Symposium regarding the Effects of Irrigation and Drainage on Rural and Urban Landscapes (IRLA) aims to highlight the effects of irrigation (the most significant water consumer) and drainage to rural and urban landscapes. Irrigation and drainage have changed the route of human history. Irrigation systems, transformation of swamps and arid (even desert) land to cultivated land through land reclamation projects contributed to the agricultural revolution. In some cases, like polders and windmills which are characteristic of the Dutch countryside or the rice cultivations in Indonesia using graduated terraces, irrigation and drainage characterize the landscape. Moreover, irrigation systems have made urban environments more hospitable and allowed for parks and leisure setups to provide convenient and pleasant places for athletic activities, vacations etc.

The presentation will be given by Mr. Christos D. Katsanos, one of the founders of the system in colaboration with Ms. Xenia Pitta of TSAHALOS SA (a company that has already invested 3,0 Ha of the FraoulaBest System in Peloponnese,Greece).

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