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Tomaccini - the 1rst Snack tomato in Greece- & Samos Pops

"Tomaccini" is the 1rst Snack tomato in Greece. Its mission is to help the tomato lovers to understand that tomato isn't a veggie but a FRUIT! So they can enjoyed it many different times and occassions.

The DKG Consulting Ltd as Brand Manager has organized the entire promotion campaign of Tomaccini and Samos Pops (new product, launch day on Gastronomy Days).

Due to this campaign we have participated in the following:

1. Distribution of 7,000 Tomaccini samples, in 5 stores in AB Vassilopoulos ( 4 in Athens and 1 in Thessaloniki ), where the product is exclusively available.

2. Another distribution of 2,000 Tomaccini samples took place on April ιn Thessaloniki, in an outdoor event about Samos products.

3. The presence of Tomaccini & Samos Pops (new product, launch day) in the Gastronomy Days Exhibition with the presence of high-profile chefs . Along with contributors of Hellenic Greenhouse SA were there to welcome and chat with people, there was also tasting of delectable snack Tomaccini!!

4. Another attempt to present the overall project was the Conference "Sustainable Agriculture & Bioeconomy", where through Mr Christos D. Katsanos who presented the innovative product Tomaccini.The title of his presentation was: "Tomaccini - Changing position: off the shelf vegetable shelf snacks"

5. Also Tomaccini has been presented to the Innovation days of AIT «5th InnoForum - The Art of Change: Innovating Our Way Out of the Crisis» as an Agricultural Innovation Product.

6. Lastly, at a glittering ceremony attended by representatives of the major executives in the Retail Market Chains the Winners of the Self-Service Excellence Awards 2013 were announced. 1st place in the award category "Research & Development" has been taken by "TOMACCINI" as the first Snack Tomato in the Greek market.

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